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Auto Accident Care In Suwanee, GA

Few unexpected events are as traumatic or as inconvenient as car accidents. Being in a collision will often result in physical, mental, and emotional ramifications that greatly infringe on the quality of your life as well as your loved ones. It is important to know what steps need to be taken to ensure the restoration of your health and your quality of life.

Visiting your trusted chiropractor is one of the first things you should do when you’ve been in an auto accident. Chiropractors are specifically trained and knowledgeable on the effect and treatment required of MVC injuries and symptoms.

Why choose your Suwanee Chiropractor for your auto accident injuries?

Auto accidents result in a very particular pattern of injuries that require specialized care to be addressed correctly. Chiropractors are the experts in the treating such injuries.

The most common accident injuries are not external; meaning, they aren’t presented as blood and bruises. Pain, stiffness, and headaches are commonly experienced, and these discomforts are due to musculoskeletal injuries. Musculoskeletal injuries are serious and will have lifelong effects if not properly addressed. They do not resolve on their own, and medication provides only temporary relief.

What to expect at your Suwanee Chiropractic visit after an auto accident

At Sugarloaf Pain & Rehab, we know all too well that each accident injuries are as unique as the accident and the person involved. Your trusted chiropractor will take the time before the physical examination to listen to your story of how the events unfolded objectively and specifically for you, the patient. Chiropractors take into account the manner in which a person was positioned at the time of the accident along with the point and extent of impact. These factors are critical to assess the how to proceed with your symptoms and underlying injuries. A physical examination and x-ray are utilized to determine the seriousness and extent of the the patient’s condition. We will then customize your care, complete with adjustments, physical therapies, and advanced rehabilitation therapies.

Timing is crucial when treating your auto accident injuries. The faster you are seen by a chiropractor after an accident, regardless of whether you are experiencing pain or not, the more effective your recovery will ultimately be. The goal is to stabilize and treat the underlying injuries before the bodily structures are further damaged.

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