Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractor in Suwanee, GA

At Sugarloaf Pain & Rehab, we pride ourselves in providing premium chiropractic care for Suwanee, Duluth, Lawrenceville, Buford, and the surrounding areas consistently and effectively. What does that mean; premium care? Our chiropractors are the highest trained in the chiropractic and rehabilitative treatments and techniques that have proven to achieve lasting results. Dr. Jane Son and Dr. Michael Hwang continue to invest time and resources in providing the most advanced forms of therapy out there. Our mission is to be able to have the best resources and skills at hand, in order to provide the best possible treatments to our patients. Patients experience amazing results in all avenues of their healthcare goals, whether it’s recovering from an auto accident or chronic pain and symptoms, through our integrated and comprehensive treatment programs.

What makes us stand out?

Chiropractic Care, our treatment program is customized to you. Each of our doctors are further specialized within the chiropractic field, and your treating physician will be determined in accordance to your healthcare needs. Patients have access to top-of-the line therapy technology available at our clinic, which we integrate into your care. The secret to our success is a multifaceted approach, consisting of the doctor’s adjustment, advanced soft tissue treatment, therapeutic massage, and top-grade rehabilitative devices. Everything in our bodies is connected, which is why our treatments are designed to address the musculoskeletal, the neurological, and the cellular issues.

What will treatment with your Suwanee Chiropractor consist of?

Your visit will begin with a comprehensive evaluation with your chiropractor. The doctor will go over your history and assess your condition. After a series of objective testing, we will take x-rays for analysis. After discussing your treatment plan, you will begin treatment either that day or the following visit, depending on the findings. Your chiropractor will perform a series of manual therapies to adjust an subluxations (“misalignments”), release entrapped nerves, and eradicate scar tissue and adhesions. You may undergo therapeutic massage by one of our highly-trained massage therapists if further soft-tissue treatment is necessary. Afterwards, you will undergo supplemental rehab therapy which may include a range of our physical therapy instruments and technologies, such as CLASS IV Laser, spinal decompression, and Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF).  Your chiropractor will answer any health-related questions you may have. Sugarloaf Pain & Rehab also works with a network of reputable and highly trained medical professions that you may be referred to if you condition warrants additional medical intervention.

Why do we go above and beyond?

We understand that you are trusting us with your most vulnerable and valuable asset– your health. It is our duty and our privilege to help restore and achieve your health goals so that you can go on to be the most amazing you.
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