Conditions & Treatments


Auto Injuries

The unfortunate reality is that these collisions leave the involved parties with lasting injuries in most cases. The severity of the injuries conditions and treatments may vary, and it is critical that the appropriate medical care is given to the injuries incurred.

Active Release Technique (ART)

In this hectic life that human beings live today, mental and physical health is increasingly affected by stress, in addition to the physical and mental effort that many tasks or conditions daily work require.

Conditions & Treatments

Sports Injuries & Maintenance

Are you suffering from injuries such as foot & ankle sprain, IT band syndrome, tennis elbow, rotator cuff, whiplash, or other over-use conditions resulting in ligament & tendon damage and muscle injuries?

Gonstead Adjustment

It is a common misconception that all chiropractors the treatments are the same, and they utilize the same techniques to treat patients. In reality, there are a variety of chiropractic conditions & Treatments techniques, treatments all of which have been developed and extensively researched.

Lower Back & Sciatic Pain

Back pain can be caused as a result of outside forces or trauma such as a sports or automobile related injury. Often the internal cause of the pain comes from misaligned, inflamed and irritated vertebrae.

Graston Technique

A form of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) that enables clinicians to effectively address scar tissue, fascial restrictions and range of motion through comprehensive the treatments training, resulting in improved patient outcomes.

Whiplash & Neck Pain

If you think about the mechanics of your neck, you’ll realize it’s not surprising how easily it can be injured. It has amazing flexibility, is constantly on the move, has very little muscular support, but has to support the 14 – 16 pounds of your head.

Intersegmental Traction

Gentle passive motions travel up and down the spine to cause mild stretching, which in turn works to restore and/or promote the integrity of the spinal joints and their mobility.

Disk Herniation

Your backbone, or spine, is made up of 26 bones called vertebrae. In between them are soft disks filled with a jelly-like substance.

Neuro Cranial Integration

NCi is a specific technique that aligns the cranial bones, the brain and the nervous system from the inside out and from the top down.

Foot, Ankle & Knee Pain

Have you sprained your ankle?

Do you experience ankle or knee pain when you run or walk?


Shoulder Pain & Frozen Shoulder

If you have ever suffered or suffer from severe pain in your shoulder you may suffer from what is known as “Frozen Shoulder”.

NRCT (Neurologic Relief Center Technique)

This Neurological Relief Center Technique (NRCT) is a hands-on, non-invasive method that has helped a large number of patients in the treatment of pain and many other conditions.

Arm & Leg Pain

The most common type is caused because there is compression along the spine from the neck or lower back.

Therapeutic Massage

Have you ever wanted to receive a massage to decrease the tension of your muscles or to forget about the complications of daily life? You may be in need of a therapeutic therapy massage that can only be given by professionals. Stress, muscle tension and minor pain in the body can be alleviated with a therapeutic massage.


The word fibromyalgia is derived from three words: fibro, which is Latin for fibrous tissue; myo, which is Greek for muscle; and algia, also Greek and meaning pain.


Have you ever heard of Trigenics? If you are involved in the world of sports, exercise or are some type of athlete, you may have heard it mentioned.

Headaches & Migraines

Migraines and headaches are serious, and affect to many people in Suwanee. If you’re not sure if you have had a migraine or not, then chances are you probably have not had one.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain affects millions of people and of course there are many different types of chronic pain. This pain can last for weeks, months, and even years.


Do you experience burning, tingling, numbness, or sharp nerve pain? These unwelcomed sensations are commonly affiliated with a condition called Peripheral Neuropathy, which concern disorders of the peripheral nerves.

Tennis Elbow

What doctors know as epicondylitis, we commonly call it “tennis elbow”, a term that is widely used, however, only a small group of people diagnosed have suffered from this as a result of playing tennis.

Chronic Fatigue And Neurometabolic Conditions and treatments

A person that has chronic fatigue mostly feels exhausted among other symptoms like headaches, dizziness, muscle weakness, inability to exercise, stress, or even depression, etc.

Conditions we Treat


The Conditions & Treatments of the Chiropractors professionals in Suwanee GA who specialize in diagnosing, treating, and preventing mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system, especially the spine. They primarily use techniques to manipulate the spine and other joints, aiming to improve the body’s alignment and promote natural healing.