Intersegmental Traction Mobile

Intersegmental Traction

This form of spinal decompression is a conservative alternative to the surgical method of decompression. The therapy works by using a motorized traction to gentle stretch the spine. We want to do this in order to take the pressure off the spinal discs and affiliated nerves and other structures. Candidates for SD are those suffering primarily from neck pain, back pain, bulging or herniated discs, and spinal degenerative diseases.

Class IV

Laser therapy uses the concentrated use of energy in the form of photons that will trigger regeneration and healing in dysfunctional tissue at the cellular level. Of the laser therapies available, Class IV allows for the deepest penetration necessary that will provide the desired therapeutic result. Damaged tissue tends to be poorly oxygenated and often presents with swelling and inflammation. Laser therapy reduces inflammation and swelling and provides marked pain relief and accelerated recovery in both chronic and acute conditions. Patients experience improved function and mobility.