Relief Center

This Neurologic Relief Center Technique (NRCT) is a practical non-invasive method that has helped a large number of patients in the treatment of pain and many other conditions. With this treatment, the cause of the pain is treated from the root of the problem, achieving the general well-being of the patient. When nerves are irritated, people can experience many symptoms because the nerves control every function of the body, this can be caused by accidents, traumas and even stress.

Neurologic Relief Center Technique involves several minutes of firm pressure at the activation points of the anterior or posterior neck. The goal of pressure is to release tension in the nerves that travel through the meninges to relieve the pain and symptoms that this tension causes.

Common uses of Technique for neurologic relief centers are pain due to carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, general health, peripheral neuropathy and rigidity.

Some of the conditions that can be improved with Neurologic Relief Center Technique are: fibromyalgia, MS (multiple sclerosis), Parkinson’s, rheumatoid arthritis, migraines, post-stroke symptoms, fatigue, numbness, knee pain and irritable bowel syndrome among others.

The technique was designed to address meninges and CSF. Many symptoms can be explained by the compression of the meninges, the protective sheath of three membranes of the spinal cord and the brain, by invasion or sprain.

In the team of Sugarloaf Pain & Rehab we have professionals trained in the area of ​​health, and we treat pain with non-invasive procedures that guarantee the safety and well-being of our patients. Our main objective is to provide quick, lasting relief with minimal discomfort; in the same way educate our patients about practices that promote their health in general.

Neurologic Relief Centers Technique involves several minutes of firm pressure to either the anterior or posterior neck trigger points. The pressure is intended to release the tension on the nerves that travel through the meninges, and relive the pain and symptoms this tension causes.