PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy)

The revolutionary treatment in injury care and chronic pain management.

What is PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy) ?

Every cell, reaction, molecule in nature generate electromagnetic fields. The trillions of cells in the body communicate via bioelectromagnetic frequencies; simply put, nothing occurs in the body without an exchange of electromagnetic activity. The most basic bodily reactions begin in the cell, and the proper metabolism and function of the cells is the foundation of overall health. When the cells are not working properly, organs and other bodily systems are compromised as well. Cellular damage and dysfunction, left untreated, can result in disease and disorders (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy).

Impaired electrical impulse and chemical reactions within cells can essentially be “corrected” by Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields.  PEMFs works by penetrating tissue, organ, bone, and every cell to deliver beneficial EMFs to “re-charge” the cell, improving circulation and metabolism. These frequencies are designed to positively engage cellular energy, enabling the cells to function optimally.

Magnetic fields and basic cellular functions

Cell membranes have channels that open and close based on the charge of the cell. Nutrients enter the cells and waste is eliminated by the opening and closing of these channels. This interaction restores and rebalances the cells to their optimal function. On the other hand, the charge of cells can become depleted, which impairs the cells.

Magnetic fields facilitate the motion of ions and electrolytes, and their movements contribute the charge of the cell. Their movements set into motion a cascade of electric and chemical actions that regulate the cells and, consequently, tissue and fluids in the body. Cells basic actions are to generate energy, eliminate waste, and to repair and regenerate. Poor electromagnetic communication prevents from the cell to generate or utilize energy efficiently, thereby impairing its other critical roles. PEMFs resurge the motion of ions and electrolytes, increasing the energy synthesis and metabolism by up to 500%!

PEMF can be administered on its own or as a supplementary therapy to other courses of treatment. Reactions to therapy will vary depending on the individual, the extent and longevity of the cellular imbalance and dysfunctions, and its relation to other bodily conditions. Simple imbalances and conditions can yield fast and effective results for the individual, whereas those that have waited for their pain and symptoms to severely escalate will have to allow sufficient, most likely prolonged, time for the cells to recover enough to feel a noticeable difference.

PEMFs and Medication

PEMFs will not cure major diseases and conditions, such as diabetes or cancer, but they can still noticeably and significantly improve the overall bodily function and provide a credible degree of relief. In many cases, PEMFs are used to mitigate, if not replace, the reliance of pain medication and other anti-inflammatories.