Have you ever heard of Trigenics? If you are involved in the world of sports, exercise or are some type of athlete, you may have heard it mentioned.

Trigenics is a “multimodal” treatment system, that is, unique, since it combines a series of treatment techniques that are administered at the same time to achieve a greater result, which would be achieved by applying only one. This is a system of evaluation and treatment for the whole body, thus being of deeper penetration.

The Trigenics practitioner can penetrate the patient’s tissue more effectively and more deeply than traditional methods such as Shiatsu, massage or trigger point therapy. The “blockage” of the pain signals that this technique emits allows a deep penetration without receiving the sudden response (jump) that is usually provoked with the other therapies.

Who can benefit from ?

Trigenics benefits a wide variety of patients. This is used in all phases of rehabilitation, as well as for maintenance attention and improvement of sports performance. Trigenics aims to eliminate the restrictive barriers of movement that the body has to restore and optimize the natural physiology of the skin. All this is achieved by reducing protective muscular spasm, facial tension, joint hypermobility, pain, swelling and increasing circulation, strength and length.Trigenics is a revolutionary method for the athletic world, since it has been shown to improve performance, because one of its functions is to re-establish the gamma bias of the muscles, in this way it can achieve an immediate strengthening or lengthening effect. In this way, better sports performance is achieved without the use of narcotic substances thanks to Trigenics.

Patients who have sports injuries respond extraordinarily to Trigenics. The most common injuries such as jumping knee, thrower’s shoulder, ligament sprains, pelvic or sacroiliac strains, sprains in the ankles, hamstrings or calf strains, plantar fasciitis, pointers in the hip, rotator cuff injuries, splints in the Pimple, lumbago, sciatica, ironic neck, golfers and tennis elbow can be treated effectively. There are also exercises of amplitude of movement, strengthening and lengthening that Trigenics provides, which can be used after treatment.

n the team of Sugarloaf Pain & Rehab we have trained professionals in the area of ​​health, in addition to that for a long time we have treated patients with injuries caused by sports and we know what their special needs are and which is the treatment that best fits to your condition. Our main objective is to provide quick, lasting relief with minimal discomfort; in the same way educate our patients about practices that promote their health in general.