The Game-Changer in Injury Care and Health Management

Using Electromagnetic Fields to Exercise and Heal cells

Recover Faster and Be Rid of Pain

Damaged cells exposed to PEMF are able to heal and function at the optimal state, allowing for faster and more complete healing. (Images depict antibiotic treatment enhanced with PEMF therapy)

(Electromagnetic augmentation of antibiotic efficacy in infection or orthopaedic implants study)

With all the advancements in medicine, we’ve seen a primary focus on alleviating pain and other affiliated symptoms. Whether it’s the conventional use of over-the-counter and/or prescription medication, and even more invasive measures such as steroid injections and surgery, people still find themselves in a cycle of pain and suffering. The revolutionary therapy that has been providing actual relief for millions around the world targets the issue at the most basic level–the cells.

We are only as healthy as our cells.

The only therapy available to promote regeneration and healing at the cellular level is PULSED ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD THERAPY (PEMF). PEMF works by repairing and optimizing the electromagnetic exchange that all cells employ to communicate with each other.

How do our cells become damaged in the first place?

Aside from acute injury and trauma, the most common cause is stress. We all know that chronic stress is bad for health, but you may not quite understand how. All degrees of stress induce a cascading chemical and nervous system response in the body. Your cells have to recover from these stimulus but seldom has the chance to due to recurring stressors. The accumulation of inadequate cell recovery leads to widespread dysfunction that manifests in the varying diseases and painful conditions that people seek medical care for.

PEMF has been proven to be effective in the following

  • reducing muscle tension
  • improving tissue healing
  • reducing pain
  • increasing energy
  • improving clotting factors
  • slowing the development of arthritis
  • stimulating the immune system
  • helping the body to detoxify
  • improving the uptake of nutrients
  • reducing blood pressure
  • helping nerve function
  • helping liver function
  • improving sleep
  • making soft tissue more flexible

Class IV

Laser therapy uses the concentrated use of energy in the form of photons that will trigger regeneration and healing in dysfunctional tissue at the cellular level. Of the laser therapies available, Class IV allows for the deepest penetration necessary that will provide the desired therapeutic result. Damaged tissue tends to be poorly oxygenated and often presents with swelling and inflammation. Laser therapy reduces inflammation and swelling and provides marked pain relief and accelerated recovery in both chronic and acute conditions. Patients experience improved function and mobility.